Richard Keeble started EPIC Dad in April 2017 as a project to support dads and male carers, and their families, in Lakenheath village, and the surrounding areas of West Suffolk.

The letters of E.P.I.C. stand for:

  • Encourager

  • Provider

  • Instructor

  • Carer

4 important roles of a father or father figure we want to celebrate and encourage within families and communities.

In February 2018, EPIC Dad was registered as a Community Interest Company (Company Number: 11227495) and continues to grow across Suffolk with a passion to help dads thrive in their fatherly role.  The project office and main activities are based at the EPIC Centre (next to Risby Truckstop) in Risby.


Our vision is about ‘Restoring the Role of Fathers’ and we hope to accomplish this through our three main aims of: Supporting Men – Empowering Fathers – Transforming Families.  Everything we do will link to one or more of these aims and help in the fulfilment of our vison. We believe that men in families have what it takes to be EPIC dads!


As a registered company we have directors who oversee the vision, finance, and development of the company’s work with the primary focus of benefitting fathers, father figures, and families.  Our directors each have experience working with families and communities. The directors are Richard Keeble (EPIC Dad Founder and Project Leader), Amba Keeble, Jonathan Butler, Carly Butler, and Michael Tingey.